Chair Mats

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While carrying out office renovations, a majority of people are concerned about the overall look and finish and ignore certain areas that are equally significant. For instance, if the office floor is being renovated fully with tiles or expensive flooring, it is necessary to use a chair mat. These mats are put under the chairs that are placed over the carpet or directly on the floor. In the absence of a chair mat, the floor will be exposed to constant damage or abuse while pushing the chars from one place to another within the office area. However, the inclusion of this mat also helps in improving the appearance of the office.

Chair mats: The basics

A majority of the offices have tiled flooring system nowadays, which tends to develop scratches very easily. However, using a chair mat can improve the situation to a large extent along with the fact that it will help reduce the effort of the employees while pulling the chair from one place to another particularly on the floor. However, chair mats can also help to prevent damage to the carpet as the pressure of too many chairs result in excessive damage, in the carpet fiber, over a period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the thickness of the carpet before buying a bunch of these mats that are placed under the chairs for preventing damage.

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What should you know before buying a chair mat?

There are several other issues that should be taken into account when it comes to buying mats for chairs. For those chairs that are placed on the carpet, the anchors should be smaller in size so that the mats do not move away while sliding or pulling the chair. In other words, the carpet should be protected in this manner in order to avoid damage. This is applicable for metal or cane chairs that are known to cause maximum damage to the floor or the carpet in the office. Every chair should have proper studs or anchors installed in the portion of their legs that result in constant wear and tear.

Variety of chair mats

As far as a chair mat is concerned, there are a variety of designs and colors from which you can choose the most suitable one that matches with the color of the carpet and furniture. However, you can also choose the multi color chair mat for designer appeal. There are different types of edges or shapes in the corner of this mat, and it is necessary to consider this, as well before buying chair mats. While some edges are used for hard surfaces or carpets, other edges are suitable for smooth flooring system.

You should remember that each chair mat is designed in a specific manner according to the material of the carpet that is present in the office. In order to maintain the office floor and carpet and prevent damage, it is necessary to consider the use of these mats; a chair mat is an inherent part of office renovation particularly if you are changing your carpet for sing a better and more expensive variety of material.

Purchasing Chair Mats For Office: The Benefits Of Using This Mat

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If you are planning to buy office furniture and equipments, you must not overlook buying chair mats that are most important for protecting the office floor and the carpet where chairs are placed. The studs that are placed below the legs of these chairs can destroy the fiber of the carpet unless you have placed a chair mat below every chair. However, you should be careful while buying these mats as the thickness of the carpet can allow it to slide away while the chairs are being pulled from one corner to the other. A majority of people do not remember buying these mats while shopping for home accessories although the table mats are more commonly seen on the dining table.

Using chair mats

Whether your floor surface is made of tiles, vinyl, or you have placed carpet or rugs on them, using a chair mat is a preventive course of action that will allow you to save the floor and the carpet at the same time. These studs are so hard that they are most likely to leave indelible marks on the floor of the office or even the carpet. If you are not familiar with this equipment, you can seek professional consultation and ask them about the ways in which to prevent damage of floor in those areas where chairs are kept in the office. The carpet sellers do not provide a guarantee while selling the carpet if you are not using Chair Mats.

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Damaging the office floor

A chair mat is not only used to prevent the surface of the office from scratches and marks that are caused by the casters that are located below the legs of the chairs, but also to maintain cleanliness in the office as the marks left by these casters are enough to create a dirty and unwanted look. Moreover, they are also used to impart as colorful look to the office as there is a variety of designs and colors that are available in the market. The shape of the edges is also important as the square or crystal variety should be used for hard surfaces whether on the carpet or the floor.

Benefits of using chair mat

Chair mats are also important because they will allow users to remain comfortable while pushing or sliding the chair from one corner to another. In most offices, the chair is conveniently designed to provide relief to users from back pain or similar diseases. However, in the absence of chair mats, the user will have to exert more pressure resulting in similar consequences.  There are numerous benefits of using chair mats in the office. While renovating the office or changing the carpet, you will have to shell out a huge amount of money. Therefore, you need to prevent any damage to the carpet by keeping chair mats in all those areas where chairs are placed over the carpet.

Most people are ignorant while sliding chairs through the floor thereby causing damage to the carpet. However, the presence of chair mats can alter the situation to a large extent. If you are really keen to maintain your office floor, you must consider using chair mats.